THORNS OF HATE exist in 2004 with an intention to play bestial and primitive Black/Death/Doom metal in the old vein. The first idea was from Blackblood Debauchery of Blasphemy and later he asked several persons to join the horde but most of them never share the same vision and the idea of how bestial black/death should be. After failed several attempt to find a suitable maniak to fulfill the line up duty, Blackblood Debauchery of Blasphemy decide the only thing he should do is to do by him self.
Somewhere in 2005, "Nuklear Infernal War" promo-single, was record but never unleash as an official release. Still a few metal maniacs got their hand on the promo and really like it although the song was really bad with shitty drum machine.
Thorns of hate then were put on hold since it was hard to find suitable demon to fill in the line-up duties and also busy with other commitment with band such as ENVENOM and NEFARIOUS AZARAK. It takes 4 years later to complete the line up with a new demon: Bestial Genocidal Wrath of Azrael.
Early 2010 a debut demo was released entitled "Abominable Triumph of Heresy" contain 3 track of Black Death ritual of Doom!
Expect nothing but raw, bestial, hateful, primitive, doom and iron fist in the face of gods! Only War is real! Hate is the law!!
Hate is Black, Hate is Death, Hate is Doom..
Thorns of Hate is Black Death Ritual of Doom!

The Desecrator
Blackblood Debauchery of Blasphemy - Vocal and Guitar
Bestial Genocidal Wrath of Azrael - Bass
Impaler - Drums
K. Tormentor - Guitar