Zero Tolerance, UK issue #35

Interview by Cherish The Darkness zine, Thailand issue #35

(Flyer) Interview by Morbid Abomination zine, Slovakia issue #1

Abominable Triumph of Heresy
With absolutely no hyperbole intended nor involved, Thorns of Hate�s Abominable Triumph Of Heresy is one of those Instant Classic demos � the first, in fact, since Diocletian�s debut demo some five years ago. Likewise with absolutely no hyperbole intended nor involved, this Malaysian duo create some of the most authentically VIOLENT sounds around, handily able to challenge the likes of Revenge, Damaar (RIP), the aforementioned Diocletian, and above all reigning kings Ayat and Deiphago for absolutely destructive, utterly world-eating violence � are these names making it any clearer? This shit is thick, incomprehensibly so for how grindingly fast they move, and then when the doom hits�annihilation. I�m in awe, virtually speechless: all hail the new dawn. NTB 5.5
Nathan Birk, Zero Tolerance Mag #34 


DeadHead fanzine, Malaysia.