Heretical Dawn of Apocalypse
7" EP 2011

Side A-
1 Intromancy
2 Doom Annihilation
Side B-
3 Angel Of Abomination And Desolation
4 Outromancy

Blood harvest Record, Sweden
Artwork by Ironworx Gravefix
Logo by Shahjehan Banjabar

Abominable Triumph Of Heresy demotape 2010

  1. Intromancy
  2. Black Death ritual of Doom
  3. Abominable Triumph of Heresy
  4. Heretic Paradigm
Note: Dubb tape with xerox cover on red paper. Limited 100 pcs.
Re-release by Kampf record Poland 2011 (Limited 200 pcs)
Second re-release by Apocalypse Venomous record 2011 with a bonus track
Logo by Shahjehan Banjabar
Status: Available

Kampf record re-issue version
Original limited 100 pcs
Apocalypse Venomous record version with a bonus track